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Hey Christians — you do know they think we're assholes, right? berated because their lifestyle, political views, or religion don't fit in the box labeled “​Christian. I am a straight white Christian male from the Buckle of the Bible Belt, but I swear I'​m not an asshole. I know that for many folks, the.

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By Nikokinos - 06:59
"Why are Christians such assholes?" That's the opening question of this interview on my book "Confronting Religious Judgmentalism." Mr.​ Trump is building upon that fundamentalist judgmentalism in attracting supporters through his use of ridicule and abuse.​ Wallace One my book.
By Zolojar - 07:20
You know why so many Christians act like jerks online? Because they're following the example of their pastor. (If that stings a little, sorry/not.
By Akibar - 12:29
Conservative Christian leaders have been repeating some version of this claim for years, and have often called on religious conservatives and.

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